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ASB and Harlequin Team up!

ASB and Harlequin Team up!


ASB SquashCourts is proud to announce the creation of a new service for professional court rental in Europe: ASB/Harlequin is a professional court installation service, using the latest ASB technology to deliver the best show in squash.

ASB SquashCourts is delighted to launch a new partnership with Harlequin Solutions during the AJ Bell World Squash Championship being held in Manchester (England) from 26th October to 3rd November.

The partnership was forged in 2010, when Harlequin Solutions installed its first glass court at Queen's Club, London guided by the experts at ASB. Since then Harlequin Solutions have gone on to work with ASB on several high profile court installations as well as being part of the team installing competition glass courts. Building on these years of successful teamwork, ASB have entered into a partnership with Harlequin Solutions to bring to the market a revolution in glass court rental installation.

"ASB/Harlequin will deliver the world's most advanced glass courts to the rental market, allowing all competitions to have access to very best in glass court technology", Christof Babinsky, CEO of ASB SquashCourts explains.

"ASB/Harlequin will harness the technical brilliance of the world's number one glass court manufacturer with the installation professionalism and expertise of one of the UK's leading sports installations teams", Anthony Humpston, CEO of Harlequin Solutions added.

Ensuring that every new development is added to our courts, ASB/Harlequin will deliver unparalleled court technologies striving for an ever improving playing surface, enhanced glass manufacture creating sharper TV coverage and introducing the new ASB GlassFlooring system, the world's first sprung glass sports floor.

The new ASB/Harlequin ShowGlassCourt will be showcased at the AJ Bell World Squash Championship

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